Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tomorrow we will begin a week in Provo, Utah, training for missionary service. We feel grateful for the opportunity to retire and serve others in the Winter Quarters Temple and at the Trail Center visitor center.

As I have tried to pack my belongings in our small car, I have thought of the early pioneers in the church who had to pack some of their belongings and food in handcarts or covered wagons, sometimes with very little notice, and leave their homes and most of their treasured belongings behind as they sought refuge from the persecutions of those who forced them to leave.

Just as they walked into unknown territory, we walk into unknown territory.
Just as they relied on faith and trust in the Lord, we rely on faith and trust in the Lord.
However, they went in great discomfort and we go in great comfort.

As Tiny Tim said in The Christmas Carol, "May God bless us, everyone!"

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  1. Thanks for the blog link!! We are excited to watch your journey.