Friday, November 15, 2013

Missionary Life

It is impossible to express how much service, love and good cheer goes on in the lives of the missionaries serving in the Nebraska Omaha Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. All this love goes on in the midst of individual challenges of  physical, emotional and spiritual  health needs. Joy comes as a result of great faith and trust and hope in the Savior, Jesus Christ. All these missionaries leave all behind as they seek continuously to to serve the Lord with all their hearts. It's amazing that, though the faces and names of the missionaries change from time to time, the spirit never changes - it's an incredible Spirit of seeking to improve personal lives along with teaching others the source of all hope that can come through following the example of Christ. 
We are well into the "Thankful" season and there is an abundance of gratitude in this mission.  It is truly a time of noticing the beauties of autumn as well as the blessings of God.  The hymn, "Come ye thankful people, come" is very appropriate. We sing the praises to a loving Father in Heaven and are grateful for His bounteous blessings.