Monday, July 9, 2012

Pioneer Fireside

These beautiful, sweet, courageous, incredible sisters planned, organized and performed a beautiful pioneer fireside concert depicting the faith of the Mormon pioneers. Several of the songs were written and composed by the young sisters. What a talented group of missionaries - so devoted to sharing their faith and love for the Savior.

Special Times

 What a surprise to have the darling Palmer family from Arizona visit the Mormon Trail Center. The two beautiful older girls were my piano students a few years ago. 
 You never know when or where the deer, wild turkeys, squirrels, etc. will make an appearance.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July in Omaha

 Remembering gratitude for the constitution and for pilgrims and ancestors who left homes and loved ones to seek religious freedom and for a country where we can worship as we choose.
 A few of the missionaries singing at the flag raising. There were about a dozen singers, which included Elders, but the photos weren't very good. 
 A cool family with twin boys on their parents shoulders. Their older brother likes books like my grandsons.
 C'est Moi
My eternal sweetheart holding the potato salad
 We discovered we are cousins through the Benjamin Franklin Johnson line. We are "Sister Cousins".
The beautiful drive across the highway from our apartment.

Mormon Trail Center

A darling family visiting the trail center with a darling sister guide. 

 A few of my favorite people who serve at the Trail Center.
 Mormon Battalion Soldier
 Come, Come ye Saints, fresh courage take - Our God will never us forsake.....
Here for the Olympic Swimming Trials (Sister guide sprang her ankle a few days ago playing basketball.)

Pioneer Courage Park

 We loved visiting the Pioneer Courage Park. These sculptures are magnificent!