Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow Flurries and Serving Sisters

 Over the river and through the woods to the Kanesville Tabernacle we go
Elder Bielefeldt knows the way to carry the sisters over the white and drifting snow

Over the river and through the woods as back to the trail center we go
 Oh how the sisters must gleefully play
 Till back to work we all go!

 We all have so much gratitude for the FM missionaries that constantly seek to serve us all by blowing off the snow and keeping us safe. Thank you Elder and Sister Price.
 #1 rule, no matter the weather, missionary car must always be backed out with companion directing.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sisters at the Kanesville Tabernacle

A wonderful new policy change has brought the sister missionaries to the Kanesville Tabernacle. Today is a freezing cold day, but we stay warm inside. Sister Harris and Sister Watson have been a joy to serve with us today. It may be the "slow" season for visitor centers, but it is not a slow down in testimony growth or enthusiasm and desire to share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Saying "Goodbye"

Saying "Goodbye" to missionaries is so difficult - they leave part of themselves in our hearts forever! Their departing testimonies bring tears to our eyes but also thoughts of joy for their continued experiences as they walk the paths of life with their hands in the hands of the Lord.
Full crowd extended through the back doors in honor of the departing missionaries.
The seats in front are reserved for the missionaries who have finished their missions.

Historical Tour

Missionaries had a special experience to be guided on a historical tour by Bob Sharp, who is an expert on church history in the Nebraska - Iowa area. The tour included Carterville Cemetary, the Grand Encampment location, Taylor Hill where the Mormon Battalion was mustered and went up to the Mormon Trail and Hyde Park. They finished the tour at Council Point where the riverboat stopped coming up the Missouri River to deliver supplies to the pioneers.