Wednesday, June 13, 2012

As we finish our 3rd day at the mission training center in Provo, we are anticipating our travel along the Mormon trail from Salt Lake City going backwards from the original pioneer trek, with our destination Omaha, Nebraska where the pioneers waited at "winter quarters" while preparing for the long trek to Salt Lake Valley. We will begin our own personal trek on Saturday.

We enjoyed singing with the crowd of 2000 missionaries, where it seemed as if we really could sing gloriously. There are 100 seniors like us preparing to go all over the world, including Russia, Tokeo, South Africa, Ghana, Chinle Arizona, London, Germany, Micronesia, Portugal, Phillipines, Mississippi, Washington DC national archives, etc.  
The rest of the 2000 are young men and women.

There is an abundance of enthusiasm, love of the Lord, love of one another and kindnesses as the missionaries prepare to share their testimonies of gratitude for the Lord, Jesus Christ - for His atonement as he gave his life willingly so that all of Heavenly Father's children could receive the wonderful blessing of being families forever with those we love so dearly.

It is a sweet experience to teach with my eternal companion and share many new experiences.

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  1. Love your blog! It will be wonderful to hear about your experiances!!