Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Omaha Area Scenery

Today we took a little drive from Omaha, into Iowa and back to Glen Cunningham Lake Park and discovered a couple of great spots - one to picnic at and one to buy peaches at further North. (I think it was north) We saw many corn fields and green bean fields and several Christmas tree farms as we traveled. The Cunningham Lake was beyond where our Garmin said it was, but we kept going and drove right to it. Today is 103 degrees with high humidity, but breezy. It was hot in the sun when we walked down the trail to the lake, but we enjoyed a pleasant picnic under the gazebo with the cool breezes. This is truly Heaven's Country.

Oops, we were trying to take a panorama where it looked like we were standing together. Oh well, at least we are together in purpose.
 Hay is rolled here instead of baled in a square.
This farm equipment was for sell. Looks useful!
 Corn fields everywhere in all stages of growth - most of what we saw were without sprinkling system. I don't think they do irrigation here the way we do in Arizona.
 Christmas tree farms.
 Elder B can't wait to fix fresh green beans the way his mother did, fried with bacon. I think they will be available in a couple of weeks.
 The peaches we got here are from Georgia and so very sweet!!
 Beautiful lane to the fun place where we bought the peaches.

Elder B liked this sculpture - a little town N of Omaha with a BIG sculpture!
 Oh how beautiful is Omaha!

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