Thursday, August 8, 2013

Oh How Lovely

The young Sisters and Elders performed 4 beautiful, inspirational concerts called "Oh How Lovely Was the Morning."  They sang inspirational and patriotic songs. This is a mission with so many musically talented missionaries that we often have an opportunity to hear them sing. 

The Nebraska Omaha Mission (NOM) includes most of Nebraska and part of Iowa. We love the opportunities we have to learn of the pioneer history as we explore the areas in this mission. We love the rolling hills, the fields of corn and beans, the wildlife and the occasional beef ranches we see.

Another wonderful blessing of the mission is being with visitors. We love sharing information of the history, faith, hope and courage of the pioneers as they went forward, enduring many hardships, trials, bitter weather conditions and loss of loved ones due to illness that plagued them constantly. The story of the pioneers is one of triumph that overcame tragedy as they followed the teachings of Jesus Christ, sharing all they had and trusted completely in the Lord. These pioneers blessed the lives of their posterity for generations that followed. 
 My nephew, Jacob Sheppard and his family.
My son, Jake and daughter-in-law Susie!!!

Angel sisters we get to serve with. :)

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