Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Missionaries

A few days ago, 11 new missionaries arrived at Winterquarters! 
This is a mission where the pioneer spirit lingers, influences and strengthens.

This area is a beautiful, productive country, full of history of pioneers, Native Americans, railroad, goldrushers, explorers -- people seeking adventure and a better life. There are many stories that began, continued or ended here - stories of courage, faith, determination. What was the edge of U.S. civilization in 1846 is now the Heartland of the United States. Omaha area - a land culture, of friendliness, corn, beans and yes, the land of the Huskers. Frolicking animals - squirrels, bunnies, deer, turkeys  - can be seen on most days while driving down the rural roads and at the visitor centers.
This beautiful sister missionary represents the precious sisters we senior missionaries are privileged to work with. 

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