Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sites to See

 The spectacular view cannot be captured by camera, but it is breathtaking. It was also interesting to see flocks of vultures flying in the sky, along with airplanes landing at the airport - all seemed to be at our same height from our view. 

  Mormon Battalion Mustering location at what is now the Iowa School for the Deaf

 When we arrived here we were delighted by a large circle of musicians who were performing in the center. These musicians seemed to be a spontaneous group of all ages of men and women with all manner of guitars, harmonicas, etc. Our favorite singer was a woman who looked to be in her 80's with a beautiful, clear voice.
This center is amazing as it shows where 4 trails met in this area - Lewis & Clark, Oregon, California and Mormon trails. In December they offer free sleigh rides! 
What a fun place to end our day. We enjoyed homemade icecream cones and sundaes. Yumm!
Two Senior Missionary Couples had a fun day off and went touristing! (It was a beautiful, cool, breezy day)
We drove for miles looking for the Orson Hyde Park, but alas! We never found it. (It took a lot of searching to find the map, but click on the words "Orson Hyde Park to link to the map, which I finally found, but not before our journey.) Even so, we saw many delightful scenes as we drove around looking for it - some took us back a century in time. We also saw many corn and bean fields.
We enjoyed HuHot Mongolian Grill for lunch - lots of veggies with meat and noodles cooked fresh. It was fun to discover another senior missionary couple there for lunch along with about 8 young Elders and two young sister missionaries. Too bad we didn't get pictures. 
We especially enjoyed spending the day with our very fun friends, the Openshaws.

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